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judge from Osier's statistics, this does not apply so much to cases in
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^J'here is a notuljle difference, which, however, is not easily conveyed
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Anatomy, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; Surgeon, Metropolitan Hospital ; Surgeon to
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egree of permanent paralysis. Other remote effects relate to the
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I intrusions are monetary matters, third party pay-
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of different ages. It seems quite evident that these
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nephritis cannot be entertained. I have, moreover, personal knowledge of his
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She is needed outside the hospital, in the home of the rich
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3. Nature, Prevention, and Cure of Cholera. By C. C
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quite well at milking time in the morning. The field being
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for itself in the present European war. Its strongest point of recom-
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effective only at some distance behind the balloon.
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Dr. BuLKLEY, referring to a remark made by the speaker,
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hausted. They frankly admitted that all had been done that
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Charles Rochemont Aikin, Esq. Broad Street Buildings.
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maize and the ordinary damaged maize are two very different
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that the capacity of patients suffering from aphasia to make a will should
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Ollicers of the Society, and transtieting any other
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livered the head, which was living at the time of delivery. Here the
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by silkworm-gut sutures which are removed on the eighth day, the
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a study of its aetiology here, as it seems impossible to find a
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him and his pupils a communion of sentiment, which separation by
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having been purposely made too strong. Its correction then becomes
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The amendment is as follows: "No officer shall hold the same office for
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the entire abdominal wall, including the peritonaeum.
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a floating kidney and a movable kidney are to be diagnosticated by the
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ance to the diagnosis; the detection of crystals of oxalates, or of knife-
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phlegm ; cough and dyspna?a Avorse on lying down ; had prolonged

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