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play in the general relations of life. Where sight was in-

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mass of information, useful and even necessary, for those

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Smith, King George's Sound ; Mr. T. M. Stewart, Guildford ; Mr. R. R.

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however, in the face of improvement in other direc-

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The change would not add anything to the total cost of the

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for hospital purposes totalling to £4,087, or £511 each. In

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and late Resident Obstetric Officer at the Leeds Infirmary,

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practice it was throughout his whole life, and in every rela-

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The favourable result obtained by the above method on a

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retired life. After the death of his wife, which occurred in

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classification in place of their geographical position. Again,

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composition may be an additional source of danger. There

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of death where there was no certificate from a registered medi-

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A Treatise on Gynecology, Clinical and Operative. Vol. ii. By Dr. S.

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H. A. Pattinson, Seaton ; Mr. J. W. Pridham, Weymouth ; Dr. E. C.

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the gods. This process of "finding'' a book is also mentioned

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quence of the note having been wrongly addressed -is a somewhat

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Lectures in A.NTUBoPuLOGV.-Piofessor Macalister, President of the

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Papyrus is largely drawn upon, it is by no means the sole

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actinomycosis, not from the black variety, but from two

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after twenty-three years' full pay service is shown in the Army Lists as

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would be less pronounced. For this reason, we may conclude

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success ; indeed it disappeared. (2) A baby, aged 4i months.

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years' grace we have mentioned, and involves serious loss.

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it consisted in injecting under the skin the liquid extract we

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tinuous, ceased ; she lost the sense of weight in the vagina,

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ing such a course of action, it would neveitheless <'nntravene the moral

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the earliest days of his career —but now this is true only of

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for references in other than exceptional and doubtful cases would be

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moving sheathless filaria lying isolated in a lakelet of clear

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to the reniform bodies. In appearance, therefore, the white

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other British plants of the same natural order (^Umbelliferce)

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that the fine particles in chyle do not dissolve in ether,

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ment has decided to establish an institute for the treatftient

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Beattie, Loudon; Mr. H. Bennett, Builth; F. M Blumer, M.S., Staf-

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lege. Manchester; S. H. L. Archer, London Hospital; W. H. G.

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reported that Mr. Oliver Pemberton resigned his membership

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during the quarter under notice ; this was the highest quarterly number

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C!) to start at either and return to one of the frontier stations of

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medical profession may have to pass an examination con-

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