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thinks that relaxation is, in part, at least, an active effect, and

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The functional nature of nuclear imaging is ideal for

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formed around the glands. Other elements are found along the vessels, others

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Tiie clysters are particulnrly useful as hnemostatics in the bloody

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the last four or five days of the treatment an injec-

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obliterating the intercostal spaces, or downward below their border.

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very interesting clinical group, which has been investigated and unravelled

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dipped in the solution, and drawn through the wound. This linen is then left

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several theories, which, if accepted, cannot fail of wide

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The institutions of Italy and Switzerland are well equipped and pre-

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The third edition of Sir Henry Thompson's " Modern Cremation " gives

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present, and is not propagated along the large vessels. Heart's impulse feeble,

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' There can be no doubt that this manual is by a verj' long way the

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would not say that all who enter the profession under

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Meibomian glands. Tr. Am. (Jpbtli. Soc. 1894-6, Hartford,

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means of Electrolysis. Long steel needles are used, and are passed

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acid, with absence of mucus. She did not have cancer, and she did

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(M. A. T.) A statistical survey on the prevalence (]f en-

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The lands into which an old city expands, or over which a new city is

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S. Fish Com. 1893, "Wash., 1894, xiii, 311-334. — Ileckel

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4. Snyder FE, Guss BH: History of the Philadelphia District

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Right eye counts fingers at four inches, cannot see with left ;

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anaemia. The patient was reduced to a profound degree of

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which its interior is swabbed with pure carbolic acid, and packed through

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study — and that upon a comparatively new subject —

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sulted that grand body of grave, thoughtful, earnest

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On one occasion only was this observed, viz., on February 2d, four days

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Monday. Entomological. — Asiatic. — Epidemiological.

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leads us to think has been a vexatious and unfounded charge.

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the disease; whereas, if kept here at home in a sanitarium

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from any cause unchanged blood pigment is excreted by the kidneys and

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life. The patient may feel slightly giddy and there may be buzzing

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must be pushed until natural sleep is procured. Sometimes 5-grain

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