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had made up his mind to devote himself to research,

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As was remarked in Part I, the physician must have first a thor-

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"In adults matricaria will prove as efficient in the same class

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In the treatment of females, nervous wrongs characterized

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In amenorrhea with depression, lassitude, and general ner-

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tympanic cavity. Under this treatment the tinnitus begau

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Indications. — Catarrhal diseases, with muco-purulent secre-

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the stimulus of the great advances of biology, chemistry, and physics

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will be low in character. So if the disease runs its course too

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we find a quantity of redilish scrum, or grayish turbid scrum,

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tannic acid, but not an aggressive form, for it does not, like so

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is such a small part of the many evidences of respiratory movement

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led to nothing certain on this point, I can only say which

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or it may become permanent as a result of inflamed glands after

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Naval Examining Board. — The Medical Board for the ex-

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nearly normal, but wants force. Every symptom points to

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should not be so used. In medicinal doses its most praiseworthy

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certain than veratrum in these cases. Take again the case pre-

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"The keynote for its use is its power for preventing and

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in the Academy of Medicine at Paris, ' ' that if therapeutics

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that have been taken from a half-starved condition after a

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to retain the fluid, though only a drop or two. The instru-

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above mentioned, and particularly if persistent." (Locke.)

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Leptandrin triturated with sugar of milk constitutes a con-

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sufficiently to cause a return to the normal type of respiratory

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Dose. — 1-12 grain several times a day in aqueous solution or

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In the practice of auscultation, whether direct or with a steth-

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I *m too old to be bothered with donkeys. He is our

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Indications. — Sluggish or torpid conditions of "the kidneys,

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of the glottis. The other was larger ; its base occupied

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on the circulation is not regular, sometimes exalting and at other

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and which cause the patient to bend over and press upon the

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prune-juice variety, resembling, as Dr. Scudder wrote, the 'wash-

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