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actual condition, prospects and operation of the institution we

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Quinia sometimes acts in a manner which entitles it to a place


We also showed that it was an error to suppose that

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among the more than ordinarily great number of pilgrims congre-

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neighbourhood of the sella turcica, whence the disease may spread to the

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than metrorrhagia, yielded best to the treatment, especially at meno-

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Thus the patient never inhabited a district where osteomalacia is

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a natural consequence, that any affection modifying the condition of those

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tion with one or two bites of the insect has never been followed by phe-

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Ordered a cataplasm to be applied to the part, and renewed as often as

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likely to be followed by these is the one to be employed. In

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namely, a median incision, exposure of the sternum and upper

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surface: and when they appear to ulcerate upon the surface, it

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October there were 32 cases ; in November, 30 cases ;

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MermithidK possessing the characters of the family.

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of the calcium has been deposited in degenerate ganglion cells. The

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We are informed that, following the example of Demosthenes,

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a process somewhat resembling a funnel that is composed

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be restored and recruited by the ingestion of much or nourishing food.

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