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of the reproduction of unilateral asymmetrical peculiarities
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insensible transpiration. The pulmonary exhalation in a low
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character exclusively resulting from pregnancy ; the breasts them-
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" the patient, a child seven months old, was admitted to the hospital
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and apparently regain his usual health. The temperature is
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of Physicians and Surgeons, London, delivered a lecture
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worth noticing, with regard to traumatic neurasthenia from railway accidents,
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then relapsed into previous condition and died quietly
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The lungs are found extensively disintegrated, so that one or both are
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on the deeper structures of the mucosa, or on the tissues of the submucosa. Sambon
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was reduced to the calibre of a lead-pencil, and without evi-
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talnol praktikie. [ Widal's reaction in hospital practice.]
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cially with convulsions, has been noticed by several observers since David-
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All of the cases present arthritic symptoms, and have been markedly benefited by
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1886, Par., 1887, ii, 201-205.— I^angc (F.) Excision of the
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in ulceration of the glands of Peyer ; and I found that in such cases
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Peyer. — Dr. Golgi asserts that, similarly as in quartan
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spray should relieve this condition? On the other hand, we
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M. King, who kindly allowed me to manipulate the larynx
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But then, pictures of the hark-from-the-tombs style,
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The four normal dogs that shared the general conditions of the
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cally until gangrene occurs, anil then to shift all re-
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have described, it is far better to trust, all things being
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of course, been injurious. In carcinoma of the rectum, the
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and after the bath, and the use of a full amount of
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the first method, and he fulfilled all the claims he put forward ; the tonsils were
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dence of this important fact was obtained by Salmon
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that some of the sufferers had both diseases in the same
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it continues considerably above 100° for several days. The scarlatinous
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system, and' therefore asthmatics should suffer least at the
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being carried on to expel the poisonous principle, and as
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conscience must he stand or fall. I trust, however, that the
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hysterical seems to be the only one that can be placed definitely apart from

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