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December 1, 1917, at Roosevelt Hospital, New York City, following an
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that fact determines for us the sex of the individual. This is
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systematically over the womb, across the wall of the belly. We
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in dressings would equip such a base hospital, but it soon became evident
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of the patient did not enter into it he would be very willing to give
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choice. Specimens of vulval and vaginal mucus may be se-
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inguinal herniae are present on both sides. No disparity in size seems to
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elusion that the author's own observations do not justify.
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belief, and conviction as to what those facts represent with
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said she. It was not without difficulty that the chlor-
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They come back from the trenches remarkably quickly and my " shell
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and here is a pathetic chapter in our lives. This boy grew to
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Sclerotics, Blue, with Brittle Bones. By John B. Harvie, M. D... 169
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gas is four times as poisonous as coal gas, but, judging from
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If you want to give to a cause that’s guaranteed to make you feel good, give to your hospital.
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difference in number — 6,000 women and over 100,000 men — and regardless
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bone, for example. Here we may find very satisfactory evi-
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in Chester, which is located in Hancock County. Photo
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(Cosmos, 1917, 838) outline their method, giving preference to
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are usually the subject of clinical observation and care, and
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question of sex is often difficult and sometimes impossible.
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in the case of old men, and the same negative fact has been
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* Individualized Instruction in Proper Body Mechanics
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ing and important subjects in the study of anterior pituitary
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The results of similar experiments with serum albumin and whole serum,
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the five original members of the board. When the board organ-
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largely instrumental in elevating the hospital to a high standard of effi-
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available, the writer has selected one which is typical to serve
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wait quite a considerable time for the return of their host to the nest,
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In any suspected case of abortion satisfactory evidence of the
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is receiving strict attention in pursuance of a general plan of
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