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frame across which webbing is stretched, which prevents the body
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tissues of whose motor apparatus the nidus requisite to the repro-
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The febrile symptoms of the malarial fevers are to be explained
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of the lesions to mechanical wear and tear of the joints ; while some
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masked and to assume visceral forms for successive i^eriods of family
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Gouty i^arents may have rheumatic children, and vice versa. Conse-
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cure eruptions upon the skin with as much promptness as disease of
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for reasons unknown to us, certain toxic substances are formed.
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by natural fissures into lobes, the right lung possessing three, while
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followed, if necessary, with cold applications to the head.
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the infiltrated salts. He cannot admit any poisonous effects from uric
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of cold. The acid condition of the secretions attracted early and
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some of the purpuras as rheumatic in character, rheumatism must be looked
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paper, an acid fluid turning blue litmus red, while an alkaline fluid
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ever, regarded as something uncommon, and only to be found in
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a few drops of a saturated solution of the acid are added to the urine in
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most actively in all the phenomena of acute gout. Its functions are

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