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Rosenau, by injecting, intravenously, filtered blood, taken from a

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sues is a difficult matter, which D. C. Bryant (Western

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all necessary. Is it not rather, in the present age of civ-

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1875 Sherwood, Arthur Paul, 8, Seaside Road, Eastbourne.

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a pinkish hue, with an exceedingly brilliant appearance. The vessels are

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with the certainty of finding whatever they are in search of, fully presented in all its aspects; and

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"test tube" knowledge to their patients. For the most part a dead line exists

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was the enlargement of the Hospital by the addition of two

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fact, a simple nick through the band may be sufficient. The forceps

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"Lastly, spasm of the larynx Is met with in certain

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their condition may often be readily recognised by the finger ; if the

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On the Pathology and Treatment of Albuminuria. By William

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such special instances the water is prepared warmer than

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cation that he shall not practice elsewhere without re-registering,

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ment — viz., if you can feel a lump at or near the

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in the diastolic pressure even if more or less definitely controlled is an

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advertisements which — though lucrative — were unfit for the perusal

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Infectious Diseases, with the Explanation of Acquired

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