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except in cases of intense myocardial involvement, with dilatation of
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The cases due to auto-intoxication are usually associated with fever,
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up the tone of the muscles. In my opinion the rest-treatment retards
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pages ; 766 illustrations, 59 of them in colors. Cloth, 37.00 net ; Sheep
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Diagnosis* — Inspection of the fauces will reveal enlarged tonsils.
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especially those reared upon the numerous infant-foods which have been
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Fever is usually absent throughout, unless the contents of the sac
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arteries in that they are end-arteries is to be noted, since it affords a
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there is noted, on inspection, but little change in the thoracic contour.
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Enamel is composed of 97 per cent, inorganic or calcified
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years of age, and almost never occurs during the first decade. Heredity
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ogy) at times to one or more attacks of acute intestinal catarrh. Gen-
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an appropriately modified dietary, play the principal role in producing
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2 to 3 pints (1-1.5 liters) ; this should be alloAved to floAv in slowly.
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lead to total blindness : sometimes the macula lutea escapes and the patient
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thorax develops in the last stages of phthisis acute symptoms may be
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g astro-intestinal disturbance (meteorism, constipation), and dyspnea
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an endemic form is assumed, but the exciting cause is thus far unknown.
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These cysts contain, as a rule, but a small amount of fluid, and do not
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An atrophied condition of the gastric and duodenal mucosa is noticed
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stomach experiences in emptying its contents. Soon functional dis-
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Ktiology. — "With rare exceptions tracheo-bronchitis is produced by
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the more important being the ammonium salts (the chlorid, gr. v to x —
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The general symptoms are usually those of a weak, debilitated, nerv-
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is in great part removed from the valves themselves. And yet, accord-
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that there is a diminished alkalinity of the blood, and that the latter can-
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inconstant. Tube-casts are either absent or exceedingly few in num-
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hydronephrosis. Many of the cysts are of the exogenous form of growth.

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