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pathology of acute hydrocephalus, including the " hydrocephaloid disease"
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cases it is equally efficient in producing a remission of fever,
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of the last few years, bave shaken to some extent the faith
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the functions above mentioned and the function of speech sufficiently explains the
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ground is increased, as can be sho-^m by an imprint, and the range
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has done in another line with the stomach-tube. The eye, the
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5. — Frequency Wave of Epileptic Seizures. — W. P.
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Rep., 1827, iv, 185-213, 3 pi— Clu'tton ( H. H. ) Clini-
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stenosis. The second or ulcerative form of catarrh of the crecum will
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observations of all are of great interest. There is one point
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and police should be dragged into the political arena at all.
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Symptoms. — ^Violent and rapidly-fiEital haemoptysis, following serious
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development and nutrition laid down by Schwann. Their great elasticity, the
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periphery. Cantanniand others have confirmed Armanni's observations.
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In reply to a question concerning his statement that animal ligatures be-
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elimination through renal insufficiency rather, than a
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quite inexplicable if the irritation acted (m the periphery. How should
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and perineal regions. This adhesion takes place in different
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count of the severity of the spasms ; second, on account of the
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cumstance of having a great variety of "cures" for a
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tion 0/ Supernumerary JJii^its. — Mr. Clement Lucas
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of his cell, having strangled himself with the band of his pantaloons.
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I have never seen the slightest benefit from it." 1
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that is, the increased growth does not go on indefinitely, but of necessity
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So in obstetrio practice in the country. Usually as soon
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chosen field of endeavor, our country, and to our fellow
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A strictly ethical institution offering' superior ad-
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over, the opinion of Liebermeister is certainly very probable, that
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thirty times. The conclusions drawn from the facts contained in the histories
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Square. Each ounce of the syrup contained \ fourths of a grain of tartar emetic, may be
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heart-beat is probably initiated in such a node found near the origin
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spUnt he only places froia the waist to below the knee, and
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commend Charles River, provided that the water be taken from the
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has done in another line with the stomach-tube. The eye, the
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women were considerably older than the men, but the average
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probably to be explained in most cases, certainly in some, by the fact
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these the perforation was through the wall of the ap-
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Fasc. III. opens with a very pleasing plate of four

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