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stances Safeguards should be devised to prevent our-

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the succeeding day, the lining membrane of the mouth, fauces, and

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apparatus that was at fault, but rather the musculo-motor, to

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Presentation of Service Flag — Dr. L. B. McBrayer 262

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The signal is given. The baby is on its way from the

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very much improved. Almost immediately, however, he began to

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two hundred persons. He lastly inoculated himself and died, which

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importance of leai'ning as much as possible as to the natural

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since the publication of the former edition of this

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medicine would a priori lead us to infer." Mr. Hutchinson, in 1857,

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11 geberet?, B. 12 -neyye, B. 13 fulfef, O., and so on.

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of this interesting case, and will only sta'e that the first tu-

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appear as a significant symptom in any of the cases. The spinal fluids

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disease as do other surgical procedures that have during

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syphilographers of the Lyons school, pursuing their

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The President, Dr. John O. Roe, of Rochester, in the Chair.

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taneous relief from the pain. He was then directed to go home and lie

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(1) Faulty technique (absence of compression, tube of

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from The New York Medical Journal, in- colic are not rarely mistaken for appendi-

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gravity than normal — from 1020 to 1030. The urea is greatly dimin-

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He wished to s|iy in advance that all murmurs occurring

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cared for cheaper in State hospitals. ly care prevail everywhere. The open door

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Acute productive nephritis (Delafield), in which there is a tendency to the

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co-existing bronchitis is slight, and when no apparent effect upon the latter is

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here, because they are characteristic of tabes mesenterica.

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to as high as 107 P. The face is flushed, the pulse full, rapid, and

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(k) A chronic productive nephritis without exudation, though not the true

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tion facilitates the healing of this variety. Epithelioma and

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the centers of the ecchymotic spots, and the hemorrhages 'from the mucous

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only twelve. The influence of abnormal menstruation,

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ning over them, and pigment cells of various sizes scattered over the whole. On

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ager," etc., and to whom the Beinhardts have at tim^ transferred their

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red and white blood-corpuscles, epithelial cells, and

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immediately after the injury, and vision disappeared suddenly

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two toxic substances — the thorium X, a chronic poison, and the

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believed not to be a work of great difficulty or onerous labor.

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medical and surgical wants of twenty-five thousand men

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tient is led to attach ideas of colours to certain objects or certain

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lecture on abscess in the right iliac fossa, of which Copland and sub-

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very difficult to recognize these causes of indistinct and impaired

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