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state of which the degeneration is the expression. In the first
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in wedlock no less distinguished a personage than Henry Fawcett,
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Ministry of Pensions. — The following physicians and sur-
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by Homer as attacking the Greek army before Troy, and those
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portal vein in the liver is also found in conditions that impede the local
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cruiting Depot, David's Island, "N. Y. H. S. O. 143,
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During the past year there appeared in this country an epidemic
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rale of fatality in different collections of cases of so.c.illod diphtln-Ti» tH
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back and chest. On March second, there appeared on the lower lip, near the
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16- — There exist numerous lynipli -vessels of the
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species of coccidia. After the surrounding membrane
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There is some evidence that rhabdomyolysis was first
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equally appropriate in anticipation of any infectious and contagious epi-
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of the cyst to allow escape of discharge. A good recovery took
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determined to bring all the powers with which he is possessed to bear
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on retching or vomiting. Tor the six weeks last past the
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his wife was then consulting, and stated that this phy-
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from the old to the new, since Avhen I began ray work, in
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admirable report from Professor Vamell. The Professor
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I pressed back the shoulder ; the occiput very readily presented, and io
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fus )ria that exist in the earth and waters of the swamp
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As noted by Stitt, scrapings from the fundus show a prevalence
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fulfil the purposes of the committee if I limit this paper
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loss of money ; and a great deal more so, for it is life in one instance
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the disease arose from the presence of the scarlatina miagm,
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bility is thrown back on the radiologist, in some cases to a quite un-
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of life, it 13 rare ia childhood uiid in old nge. Of 6li casc^ mutyaij
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child live but a few days. This appearance is particularly observable in those
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rush of our daily lives long enough to say a word of tribute to the
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From the first there had been albumen in the urine,
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from tlie saphenous opening to a point midway of the
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and Julius C. Bierwirth, of Brooklyn; Secretary, M.
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