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cases, which have increased while the others have decreased.

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act ; a character which approximates it to other secretions. The flow of the

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At 11.40, 70 cc. of blood were taken from the left femoral artery. At 11.45, 75

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occurred about 1 1 o'clock (p. m.). He testifie sthat there

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a space-saver, easily installed, can be set on a table or sup-

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patient was bled, but without relief. The patient was seen by Dr. Francis H.

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level in nature? Why are the mortality rates of infectious diseases

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of hysteria in New York, with areas of anaesthesia and other

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2. Hypnotics and Various Medicaments. — One of the

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For these opportunities we owe a debt of lasting gratitude

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important discoveries in modern medical research has been made at the

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one grade higher than the college and the trade journal, but

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generally mentioned in the Registrars' notes on the health of

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dal lobes. In the last two or three years the elements of im-

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would make," he says, " would be wrung from suffering fellow-

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the autopsy results negatively and fails to give a cause

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a month by employing agar cultivations, the virulence

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Natural History of the Disease, with preliminary Observations. By Henry

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tion, 18 years ; severity, 1. [Eight sittings ; tempoi'ary improve-

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system. However, the right pyramid of the medulla is smaller than

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the ratchet, which causes the blades to bring the two halves

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valuable work on fractures and dislocations, gives the most complete

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performed to remove e.xtraviisated blood. Two died,

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On Puberty, and the critical Age of Woman, ^-c. By M. A.

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nially or triennially, in the shape of a medal, as a

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prone with the legs spread out. 4.20. — General paralysis ; pupils

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ary, 1981, English issue of the Chinese Medical Journal (pp 35-40)

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required indication. The Sulphate of Cinchonia may be given in pilla

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The diseased organ was removed on the loth of October, and the

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We put together material for a brochure to support the

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politicians who boom each other ad libitum et ad nauseam. As long as the

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Paraplegia. — Paralysis of the lower half of the body.

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spines are shewn; i, directs attention to the tarsus or foot, corn-

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