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in duration, and the presence of which was hardly compatible with any
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sutured as far as it was possible to approximate the edges. This
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closely resembles that of atropia. The vaso-motor is first irritated, after
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all the caseinogen becomes dissolved; the calcium carbon-
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Pennsylvania, and announce as in preparation a volume on " Electricity in its
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pathic practice we consider nutritional disorders as being
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a huge advantage over radium. In the case specific dermatological diseases the advantages
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attack. Unless we assume that large numbers of those who escape
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under fi\e years of age, eighteen per cent, of all cases.
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move his head, for the radium was applied for several hours. The X-ray
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that the movements of the thorax are not interfered with ; that the
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friend at the outset of his article, that any reputable surgeon should be
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lished in Aberdeen, was educated at Mr Bower's school and at the
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infra laryngeni, ex tumore a barbitonsore intenipestive
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heat a short period of depression is followed by a sharp stimulation
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pression paraplegia, due to fracture of the spine, extrameduUary
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and dismember it so that it requires an anatomist to put the
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Oldham 2 each, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Burnley
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thickened walls and nodulated outgrowths reduce the calibre of the
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organ. Similar changes were observed by Heiss in two horses.
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to the increased prosperity of the Western Hospital, a
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had stated, as an argument in favour of the disease being syphilitic, that
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the blood could resume its free course. The sudden occurrence
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plenty of sunlight and free circulation of air. The
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mercury was discharged, and the patient completely recovered. — Rust's
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separately, or in connection with morning sickness, or even subsequently
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the coats of the arteries, by which the tumors were
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Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., and placed on sick leave, No-
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spontaneous. The operation described would probably and naturally produce
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for hours without permanent injury ; but in the end
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was below the normal. In another case seen by the writer a young
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from having spiritualistic healing foisted on us as a
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10,425. In Liverpool, the industrial coun-

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