Clindamycin And Osteogenesis Imperfecta

bloody fluid, which moderated his sufferings. After

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do not suggest any such changes, and if an ascending infection occurs the

clindamycin and osteogenesis imperfecta

The bacterial intoxication theory may apply to most of the cases, but

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pyelitis; or the case may be one of ascending pyelonephritis, the so-called

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triple phosphate with an admixture of calcium phosphates and ammonium

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When other symptoms of uraemia are marked, as when the patient is

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sis of the renal tubular epithelium would furnish a matrix for calcium and

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but in those in whom the disease continues or appears after birth there seems

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from the adjacent kidney substance; (5) the arrangement of cells in columns,

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Edwin Godden Jones, M. D. Physician Extraordinary to the

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conditions may be due to one and the same cause, developing independently

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causes an intense hyperaemia, which may invade the cyanosed areas of the

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