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health, and of imperfect assimilation of food, he was
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require a doctor to disclose similar information about
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onstrate to the general practitioner that, unless he is able to give
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ward T. Reichert, from a careful study of the actions of
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Von Ezdorf, R. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon — Detailed as Recorder of Board of
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thorax was "entirely cured. The postmortem showed that
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apparently the rule, but there is considerable irregularity in the
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Flies breed in animal excrement, straw, decajing vegetables, fruits and warm
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To have a name by which we can designate these hypothetical organ-
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after venesection of 500 Cc., at 4 p.m., the blood-pressure dropped to
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not equal to his reading ; he has a fair appetite ; slept pretty well
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striking similitude between this and other brain diseases,
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portion of the peritoneum involved. The bacteriology of the peritoneum
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Powdered opium, the therapeutic equivalent of paregoric— without
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meat, and water only have failed to produce rabies.
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of yellow elastic tissue, which is intimately blended with a mass of white fibrous
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to subside that one can look forward to recovery, and even then the pro-
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bility of the haemorrhage being associated with the hcemorrhagic
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having been suspected by themselves or by their phy-
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having given poison to cause an abortion. The decision is
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sentiment which distinguish every man of a gentlemanly and refined
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and is very effective in producing good fellowship.
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pint of bloody serum in the pleural cavity, the costal pleura
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impossible to wait for a short time to allow it to dilate, the firm plugging of
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thing more than a bare livelihood, the demands of patients upon
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