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should be made without delay. 3. That obscurity of diagnosis

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than they enjoyed in utero, is extremely hazardous.

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an inch in diameter, crowded with blood corpuscles (Fig. 316). No granular cells

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bourhood ; but the next day she discovered that hay-making was

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mur., in order to quiet the vomiting. In the evening, a mustard-plaster

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and Nervous Diseases in the New York Polyclinic, etc. New

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of motion of the arms, hands, etc., of the surgeon while

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An opportunity of testing the accuracy of this statement presented itself at

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is very little alteration in the curvature ; the legs do not now

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tures. About a year and a half later E. Fraenkel reported four cases

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we believe that cigarette-smoking by the young should be

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itself into the exhibition of common sense on the part

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of obstruction and of biliary infection. An operation was decided on by Letulle, and

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often small branches which enter the bone. However, at one place —

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is the remains of the omphalo-mesenteric or vitelline

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prepare the alimentary organs for their proper action, and he judges that

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next day. An inquest was called, and the two quacks

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Several of the cases which suggested peculiarities of practice or pathology,

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fatal symptom." Such hemorrhagic cases seem to occur by preference

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simultaneous determination of loratadine and desloratadine

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and death from syncope. Coma or convulsions rarely occur. When

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and one of the builders of Wendell, died at three o 'clock this morn-

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But no, Miss Nightingale had a further mission to fulfil;,

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during life, and traced after death. — London Med. Gazette, June 1851.

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less degree, in the intestines; the mesenteric glands and those in the

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canal of those affected. Dr. Snow accounted for the diffusion of the dis-

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blood on the left side, and by its accumulation on the right side, we

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STicPToacB AND CoTJRSE. — ^It is difficult to fumish a picture of pure

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movements of the pleural surfaces upon each other, in consequence of the

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cus in pneumonic sputum, his recognition of this mor-

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Dr. Cheatham (Acute Edema of the Larynx; Intubation): A man,

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himself from falling on ]:>eing roughly assaulted in

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at the upper part was extremely thin, and by two or three strokes of the knife

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in the differential diagnosis of scarlet fever is the differentia-

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record, and it is probable that in the near future these will be the

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was contagious, while thirty-four maintained with almost

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