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bitterly anxious to uphold '■' In its naked form it amounts to
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poison protects also against all the others, but does this
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central authority, gave promise of still further progress. But
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rently much as beer is drawn from a machine. The operating
chloromycetin sodium succinate
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privilej^e leave ; Surgenn-<'aptain C. At>(\ms, Madras Estab. isliment. spe-
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designed to be a record of accident reports, which will be
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for the grant of a charter to constitute the U niversity of Wales, so that no
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careful watch upon the respiration and pulse while he is extracting a
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opinion that she would be dead in eighteen months if it were
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portunity of explaining how the mistake arose, for here we
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smallpox in Warrington and Manchester As regards inquiries by special
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himself. There was no specific regulation on the subject of the medical
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years the number of invalids who have recourse to them has
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of Mr. J. Storrs Fry. The resignation of Mr. N. C. Do1>8on,
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seemed in a.cstvity, when fluid began to flow. On removing
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Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, and Co., Limited. Price 2s. 6d.
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throws light on an interesting but obscure anatomical ques-
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struction, there is a very good prospect, but not a certainty,
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Within twenty-four hours the fits might go off, and the pa-
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medulla. The second action of asphyxia and chloroform com-
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cost of an appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy
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fourteen days before. Seven members of the family remain at home
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training— and I speak from experience— a London student undergoes is
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in isolated experiments, so correspond to the administration
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home in consequence of the depreciated rupee. First class P. and O i»
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Chadwick, honorary pathologist to the infirmarv, who conducted the
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Bequests.— The late Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, of Osmasj
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Aberdeen ; Dr. H. H. Tooth, London ; Dr. D. Thomas, London ; T. A. B.;
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and exterminate all miasmatic material. Algiers atfords a
parke-davis announces discovery of antibiotic chloromycetin
but to the benevolent despotism of Sir Henry Thompson, the
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the best British, Colonial, American, and foreign hospitals,

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