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Treatment. — ^The treatment of gonococcus septicemia does not differ

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increases more than the anodal opening contraction, and soon equals it

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ing over the high land of Huzareebaugh and Chota Nagpore, it may

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draught as easy as for a drink or a dinner. But how it seems to be picked out from

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for long the beloved, in all innocence, of the Queen, but the rebel

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much work was InMng done at the present time — he did not think it was

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down. Buerger has applied the name thrombo-angiitis obliterans to them.^

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272 Ovarian Cancer: Diagnosis And Treatment of Common Epi-

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ported in the Srilieh Medical JoiirnaJ for August 22d,

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ordinary tincture of iodine in a pint of water, was injected through the

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diarrhoea), there is a marked increase of urea excretion (Pye-

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variable than the duration of the incubation peiiod, according to the

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[3] Bile in Urine in Cholffimia : Jacob, Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1910, iii (Clin. Sect.), p. 157.

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conscious that there is a crepitus somewhere, but you

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Keen of Philadelphia {Journ. Am. Med. Ass., 1904, July 9) enters a

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of a celluloid bougie had been passed through the uterine wall and had

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Regularity in me^ils is a j)oint of importance. Frequently more than

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perience; and it has been confirmed by other observers, as will ap-

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The masses vary greatly, from the size of a small pea to a cocoa-

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pain is extreme, opium should be used and the chest strapped.

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throat affection," which was nothing more nor less than

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