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under medical supervision. Nurses are most valuable. Their
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relapses.' There is no foundation for the popular notion that the pro-
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inches, and the strength of current in the perhaps still existing, ulcers and gives im-
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Where the stone rested in the bowel I cannot say. Perhaps in the curve
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became dilated into cysts, and these again became filled by the
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Second day of the disease: Very high fever, up to 41.2° C. (106.1° F.).
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of return of the cyanosis to the end of her labor. But
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destruction of tissue may not be limited to the mucous membrane, but
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to lead to the retention within the body of tlie paralysis-
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should make use of this as of every other available means to add to his
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hydrogen cures the disease at all. In the constitutional treatment Bourbon
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Charles Bell Gibson, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy.
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after an attack had faded away, with the assistance of
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all, at his prime, about 40,000 francs, or something less than ^2,000
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Progress, confident that these could be taken for granted.
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