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Fio. 1. — Gcncial miliary tuberculosis. RndioRraph of thorax of Rosie R., aged eight

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blood and tissues, make it necessary to recognize that there may

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indicated whenever practicable. A woman of 51 had had for a year in-

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fessional readers, who now very seldom think of, and never refer

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produced by the combination of tuberculous tissue and tuberculin, as has

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diastolic. He was drowned in the Titanic disaster at tlie age of

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in the latter stages when the relapses had come to an end. Though the

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right side of the vertebral column opposite to the 6th-8th vertebrae, behind

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patient from pursuing his business ; and was therefore omitted.

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that operative treatment is seen to be necessary in a considerable

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by connective tissue in which are many giant cells. After 4| months the

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Garland, J., and White, P. D. Paralysis of the left recurrent laryngeal

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Boyd, P. D. Subacute bacterial endocarditis. Edin. M. J., 1921, 27, 129-35.

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and injection of cellular elements directly into the lymph is followed

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will grow when transferred by a small inoculum from blood media to plain

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parenchyma with presumable deficient pulmonary oxidation and

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to see the eft'ect of the upright position, the character of the peri-

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tinued perfectly easy and was unattended by cough. The

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B and F becomes more and more distinct so that it at last stands

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Packard and Flood report a case of acute myeloblasts leukaemia in

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the whole knee-joint, including the femur and tibia to the full extents of

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grouping which I adopted. On the question sheet sent to the phy-

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pellagrous dermatitis has not been observed in animals. Continued con-

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means either a low blood-pressure (vascular shock) or a rapid,

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with increase of a j^reviously existing palpitation and dyspnea. There was

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