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The treatment in cases of pyaemia is to be directed to the general
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was endorsed in 1981. However, the expected rapid rise in premiums, nearly doubling in three
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had proved fatal, and the two men had been shown to have quarrelled pre-
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mony, he made the bark the principal foundation of his treatment, and succeeded in
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the site of the muscle to be cut, a few drops of tlie anres-
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versity of Pennsylvania. York City. The Hon. Horace Plunkett
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is in imminent danger, and as a late operation when
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the advocates of the atmospheric or epidemic theory,
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sound resulting is feeble ; its loudness increasing with
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never found necessary, and the uterus was in as good a position as
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twisting and turning (but, perhaps, they may not do so until they
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less food-troubles, and a little better all round re-
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8 cm. in 60 per cent, of healthy males examined by them, while Schenk
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few in which it would be tolerated for any length of time, and,
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have been unable to get reliable statistics for the State of Con-
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13. Fleckenstein A, Janke J, Doring HJ, Leder O: Myocardial fiber
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of the high degree of patient satisfaction, we have found
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the ulna, and the parietal bone. He has found it always
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by the time the disease has attained its maximum, it mounts to 104° w
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chronic cases, the treatment recommended in speaking of
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displacement being accentuated by rupture of the internal lateral
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7 — The memorable day of the Flour Paste Rush. Freshmen sustain the attack well and chase the
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in striking contradistinction to the decline of the
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intense general reaction. It hardly reaches the threshold of clinical mani-
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sive, of all departments of natural knowledge, the old plan
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The typical course of the disease, as described above, is often
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Clinical Medicine in the Medico-chirurgical College of Philadelphia.
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conQnement ; on that day she was transferred to the couvalescent ward,
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increasing and offers considerable encouragement for the future of
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after two months was good enough to cease to worry her. At the end of two
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tending from the uterus. We frequently see it follow-
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tem with the quinine before commencing the use of the bromides, on account of the
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State; provision was made for the care of only five or
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The same reports with a few additional ones, for which refer-
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pins and needles at the tips of the fingers. Krafi't-El^ing has related a
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of chronic leukemia in which there is a response to ar-ray treatment

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