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When joints were involved, they were totally destroyed.

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still more, but few there be that either possess or try to

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The instructor is assisting the cadet who is experiencing an air trip for the first time.

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impression of a degenerative tendency, coursing in nar-

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58 of 64 cases analyzed by Bamberger, and in 18 of 36 cases analyzed

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The resemblance of the speech defect is superficial, and on careful

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Cases 5 and 25. — There is possible connexion between these two

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hind the sternum at the point of junction between the

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affection of the speech. The proniuiciation is slow, accented, laboured, as if the

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used in the office and carried with me to the bedside as well. Their

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these Mr. Langley is clear, precise, and accurate, three quali-

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in the sac, which formation was eventually to close its

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I'ott'iuc In Hu il iiUMi)'.. 'I'lu' rf\tT--c loiuiition i- aKo (Hi.a^ion.ilK -icen,

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muscle. Palpitation coming on at other times than when

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skull should ever be alloAved to die from pressure of

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adopted the Bertillon system of minute anthropometric

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and again explain by it the four cases of Mr. Bowman, of

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ing initial stages of the above-named affections from neuroses. It should be re-

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tumors which have remained very small may have involved neighboring

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therefore operated on ; slept well the next night ; be-

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along the northern coast of the Black Sea, and it follows the Dnieper

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duced by a few grains of the cake left after the expression of the fixed oil

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is pnucordial bulging, and the interspaces are widened. The ex-

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also, though a transitory one, is glycosuria. Skin lesions are common;

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affection, in scarlatina. The laryngitis which, in a subacute form, is com-

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ena become inflammatory in character, and in such cases the menstrual

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the surgical operations at their private sur- Virginia Medical Semi- Monthly.

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nosed. (2) After a few days the symptoms subside, the temperature

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composed mainly of medical men and schoolmasters, at

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discoloration occurs slowly, it may be hastened somewhat by the addition of a few

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trollable Vomiting in Infants. — -Dr. Charles G. Ker-

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evaporat iiii^ two to three ('.cm. in a porcelain dish and t(}.stin<^ the

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neglect their practice but pay their own expenses. It

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ployed Liebreich's much-vaunted drug in puerperal convulsions —

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