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Obstruction due to large enteroliths or foreign bodies may be only

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treating a section with compound iodin solution (Lugol's) the color

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The duration is variable, but patients may live thirty or forty years

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various organs and systems of the body. Amyloid defieneration is

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prostration, — all indicate the gravity and danger of the condition.

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irregular course, with marked remissions, in cases having a pyemic

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Emaciation with a marked wasting of the fatty capsule in which the

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{Facio-scapulo-humeral Type; Infantile Type of Progressive Muscular Atrophy.)

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Treatment. — This is largely supportive. The feeding is to be

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develop. In most instances, however, the symptoms are more gradually

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To obtain the contents of the stomach we should use a soft, flexible-

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♦Delivered before the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society, October 12, 1910.

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tric contents three or four hours after the Leube-Riegel's test-meal (one

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mus, although Siegel in one case, a boy of 2^ years, elevated and stitched

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Considering the quantity of food consumed, the digestion is often sur-

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I<ife History. — The ova, embryos, or the proglottides even, of the

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debilitating character of the disease may tend to make it chronic, espe-

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favors an abnormal fat-deposition. As regards the age, polysarcia gen-

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Owing to the establishment of a compensatory circulation the super-

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ysmal tumor, hoAvever, is smooth, and is not nodular like the cancer-

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albuminuria is no more synonymous with nephritis than is glycosuria

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to be increased in proportion to the manifest improvement in the

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(1) The Diet. — In the matter of arranging the dietary in separate

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color exhibited by the heart-muscle is a reddish-brown, and in pro-

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contains innumerable embryos. The live young dracunculus escapes

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accumulation of watery fluid transuded from the blood-vessels into the

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paralysis. Urinary phenomena are neither constant nor characteristic.

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ossei, and some of the lumbricales. It supplies with sensation the front

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acal storm not unlike the mania of epilepsy possesses the drinker. While

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In aortic regurgitation digitalis exercises as great, if not as wide, an

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of tainted food-stufis), accompanied by absorption of toxic substances ;

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They may be single or multiple, and may exhibit certain defined shapes

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and adventitia, and then (as shown by Thoma) compensatory processes

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more important here than with acute gastritis. The amount and

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which the skin has been accustomed to do. Aye, it must do more,

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the " nodding spasm " or '• salaam convulsion " of young children, is like-

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the ordinary signs of inflammation are absent. The nuclei of the sheath

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