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vidual presents a reddish and swollen patch upon the face. The face may

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and suggest invidious comparisons, and estrangement, and

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injected intravenously in increasing amounts, on 3 successive days, followed

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of the urethra and various other tubular organs, is often a matter of

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Full chapters are devoted to anatomy, clinical history, etiology, bacteriology, pathologic

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and lessened resisting capacity, and the bony alter-

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ulcerative colitis, carcinoma, or the Zollinger-Ellison

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stages with much promise. In fifteen cases of impetigo contagi-

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was operated on October 29th. One cyst, which weighed

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Old Ag-e. — Beates {Pennsylvania MedicalJoumal, November,

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female blade projects for a considerable distance beyond

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the chest, and inseparable from it. To diminish the height

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But the veins nearest the heart are a part only of the entire

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subnitrate, which is lighter than iodoform, is also re-

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this ion to diffuse through the membrane. The protein ions generally

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together with the whole alveolar ridge on that side. A\X the

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advocated the rapid withdrawal method, cutting off the whole supply of

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particularly those which are bright-coloured. It is possible that

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directions as to the best method of carrying it out.

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of milk (four c.c. ) is now poured into the upper end of

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The air cylinder is furnished with two goose-necks, one

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by Mosetig-^loorhof as a dentist tills a tooth. A mi.xture of

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supplement the medicinal treatment with an appropriate regimen. The times of

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