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members should see that the task is properly performed.

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a case which he relates : the following is a resume of the principal facts. The

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organism to which they give the name Coccidiodes immitis. The

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Send advertising copy, cuts and all communications relat-

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by exclusion, practitioners are sometimes misled by the statements of patients,

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it should not find us unprepared. The provisional hospitals, which have already been engaged and

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handles," but he gives no hint that the hands had any

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to be undertaken, and the facilities at their command,

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blue tjedema of the left breast, sufficiently intense to i)roduce gan-

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or about 28 per cent., died with progressively or suddenly impaired

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his mind was deeply imbued with the doctrine, then and for Long

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of the heart may be confounded w-ith atelectatic zones

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In the treatment of Puerperal Mania our attention should be

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cine, and which are, therefore, peculiar to the one in question.

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Rheumatic, Sick and Nervous— will be kept in mind in the treatment of

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fice of life, the author studied the best methods of remov-

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treatment than we were when the malady first made its appearance.

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from asphyxia, but from blood-poisoning, with all the

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stultify themselves before the public by announcing

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On January 17, 1921 two more teeth were extracted; one of

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seldom occurs, if the tube be of a moderate calibre. Should it, how-

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cannot but raise a spirit of enquiry in their minds, which

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ly adopted ours ; and let us try to hope that it is in the inno-

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the throats and noses of healthy persons, who have had no opi)ortunity

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were adequate to supply. Books treating of particular

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December ioth. — Eyes more steady, and vision improved;

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the view that the cancer was primary in the latter situation.

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much larger proportion than in the other species. The

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According to Bichat," " in the middle of the seventeenth

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