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pounds in the liquid contents of the cysts. The fluid from ovarian
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then on the other; one must take a record of the two hands with two
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is sometimes the cloudiness of the urine which first calls the patient's
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These sutures are then held on the stretch without being tied, and a
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Dip this into an antiseptic solution of which listerine
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and that is the absence of information as to the ultimate
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jostle of overcrowded rooms, or the listless routine kept up by
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of their contents by the diarrhoea which precedes the dysenteric evacua-
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beast. The tendency has therefore been to return to the round
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the injections or by phenolisation, and by placing the limb in a
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known of cultivating the Tri/panosoma gambiense artificially. The
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ardour of the medical gentlemen in charge of these districts
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arteries ; the brain-substance was firm and apparently normal ; the puncta
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of intravascular tension caused by the water in the blood. The diabetic
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drugs causing disulfiram like reaction with alcohol
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patients to Fhitbush in case he found the conditions as repre-
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Case I. it is probable it was induced by the long walk and exertion of
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decade, and in part this reduction is ascribable to the
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Cultures from the bladder showed the colon bacillus.
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of a clot depends upon its size : a small one may be absorbed within a
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fracture." The bone divides into four fragments ; in addition to an upper and
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result of the labors of the medical profession, and life
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of it. In this case the ovum was in the right Fallo[)ian
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tions of the urine in dengue recorded in literature are very few in
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istic appearance ; the lips and eyelids are tumefied, while the cheeks
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those cases the smallest bronchi were filled with mucus,
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Anyone who has any knowledge of patients in public insti-
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had been broken off. He subsequently regained soiu'

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