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with fatty heart, the rules given for the management of the latter disease

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mation along the genito-urinary tract or from the rup-

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quinine, nux vomica, and sirups of the phosphates are often beneficial.

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ance. Even with the strictest asepsis, a good recovery can not be ob-

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phragm is pushed down, and the heart inclines moi-e to the left of the

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proportion, and variation ; and easy equations of a degree not higher than the

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96. Diagram showing the mode of production of cardiac murmurs 476

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preparation. It may be simply curdled, boiled, frozen, slightly fermented,

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Symptoms. — As in other infectious diseases, there is a period of latency

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A Manual of Inatruction to the Amateur in Collecting. Preaervlng, and Betttnimp

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pulmonary artery and into the veins. The left cavity is empty, or has

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low specific gravity, containing only a trace of albumen, the evidences of

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blowing in anaemia, and harsh in aortic obstruction. The pulse is charac-

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and coldness below. Where the loss of blood in the tissues is not suffi-

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for preventing or overcoming it, but its indiscriminate use is more dangerous

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patient may drink a large glass of very hot alkaline water half an hour

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Second. — That this poison is communicated from the sick to the

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there will perhaps be a little swelling and a slight elevation of the local

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dence of defective oxygenation of the blood, the physical signs and other

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This may be explained by the fact that while streptococci are present,

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Treatment. — The treatment consists in securing the proper nerve

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Two remedies have been recommended for the coma of typhus, namely :

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This hemorrhage can be readily arrested by compression, but where it

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enucleate the gland as soon as it enlarges. If proper attention is paid

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septiceemic poison as identical, and pyaemia as nothing but a metastatic

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throat ; in spinal fever these are absent. Coma may occur early in cerebro-

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lieve the distressing symptoms. In all cases sinapisms should be applied

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best surgical dressings in any form of fresh wound. Where the wound

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Slcffch shoinng the cut /"/rface of a jHrrtkn of the left loibe of the

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sites is made by the discovery of the parasites or their ova in the stools or

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heart, and its systolic expansion is prolonged, — the so-called pulsus tardiis.

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are mingled with the granular and vesicular elements that fill the air

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physical signs of localized pulmonary consolidation ; cough and expectora-

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tain that, the alkalinity of the blood being diminished, the normal relation-

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hyperaMnia it is uniform. If the case is seen early, and the enlargement is

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increased in size, the right lobe being usually most affected. With medul-

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the clinics of the American School of Osteopathy, an abscess in the

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in five or six months, but may be delayed two years.

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avoid sedentary occupations, taking systematic daily exercises, but never

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it may occur without a chill. The pulse may begin to increase in rapidity,

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