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number of hours later was found in semi-comatose condition. The coma gradually deep-

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by the residents as well as the profession ; and then the

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dence beyond his testimony in regard to the significance of the corpus luteum.

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the exciting factor in the production of these suboxi-

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He was sick when he arrived, and was the same day laid up with a fever. The

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disorder, the prognosis is, of course, less grave, and improvement may be

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less it was thought that the intelligent physicians of the great State of Iowa

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the earliest cutaneous sign of secondary syphilis :

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ceptionallv as late as the 3rd or 4th day. In 75 per cent,

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The latest return issued by the Registrar-General demonstrates a great

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the solid structures. "No substance in which this especial

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The diseased organ was removed on the loth of October, and the

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diet is of importance. Skimmed milk and buttermilk, or "zoolak" with dried

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vesicles develop later on into flat ulcers which have a deeply

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expertise. They receive satisfaction and a conviction

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around the whole length of the digestive tract and forms the

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by policyholders of the association under the group

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acute and chronic forms of the disease. In considering

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To prevent crib-biting, a muzzle or a neck-strap made for the

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and development than those taken in later years. The

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as the result and also the cause of neurasthenia ; such is said to be the mode

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early period of the fever, does not hesitate to recommend the suction of a mutton-

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year eighteen pounds ; closure of the left nasal cavity ;

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ground for susjjecting that albuminuria co-exists. The diabetic condition

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George H. Noble, of Atlanta, Ga., and L. C. Bosher,

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two cases of this nature. He then called upon Dr. Otis

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scarcely commenced this great struggle against the contagious diseases,

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and gangrenous phlegmon of the hand. Similar instances have been

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blished by most unexceptionable experiments, and therefore

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as a bone-generating membrane, it is certain that osteitis

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possibihties for the future of much greater success in the treat-

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sigmoid flexure), with difficulty reduced, and the new growth

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muscle. It gives the most perfect and complete survey of

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