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The paper bits in Tubes A, B, and C were thoroughly washed as before*

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in both the auriculo-ventricular valves were the chief seat of disease.

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did the opium and* the spasm stand in the relation of cause and effect ?

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would then, and then only, be a " gain to knowledge

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the fog), Dr. Taylor saw clearly many things which others did not

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formed, and followed by recovery, under the most adverse

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Visual fields of the left eye were now obtainable, and, being carefully

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some cases the entire series was repeated one to several times. In

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pasriona, as the lachrymal and soxuar glands; many even from acts of will, ae when tiie saliva Is stimulated to flow

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If the skin remains discolored after the papules and pustules have sub-

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The difficulties encountered lie chiefly in the char-

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Case V. — German boy, aged nine years; residence, Lenawee

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stringent milk laws are enforced the mortality rate

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on the least change of temperature. It was taken out under

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Dr. Weidner : In the main I agree with the principle that

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we know from Lyell's case, in which the reintroduction of a drainage-tube

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At the end of the twenty-fourth week nurse. When the infant cannot nurse the

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elm bark and lobelia seed, well pulverized, are, perhaps,

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fore, daring the period of convalescence, and even after apparently

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and general infection. No set rules can be laid down. Pasteurization

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6 P.M. — No change ; no effect was produced. The daboia was

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at from $5 to $6 per week and upward, according to the habits and tastes of

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tional disease. And when not associated with other diseases which are in

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When the intussusception is situated in the large intestine, large

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onstrated in the last imported epidemic of Asiatic chol-

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clubbed, and the typical facies and attitude of acromegaly are absent.

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Brahlev, Henry H., acting assistant surgeon, is relieved from

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The Coal-tar Colors, with Especial Reference to their

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oral, and half an hour [practical examination, the marks being 200, 50,

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ination, however, and should bear most of all upon the

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involving in obscurity, be satisfactorily elucidated. To the chem-

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produce symptoms of its full effect has varied from 75 to 360 grains, the

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i^mptoms of incubating syphilis. Since the treatment of syphilis demands prolonged therapy with any

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cases ; but there was not the le?s a serious injury,

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vous matter, as revealed by their ability to modify the

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of potassium, is advised. The late and especially the gummy manifesta-

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