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of some difficulty, requiring the use of the forceps or a strong

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over two or more metameres. Osseous lesions are usually

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It was of 20 years gi'owth, and had commenced with a little swelling

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of ship surgeons having, besides their pay, a certain amount of

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Abercrombie states that " one of the most common ex-

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1903 b. — Diagnosi di alcune specie nuove di Hydrachnid^e e di un Ixodidae del

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over the child's face, even though no actual pain is

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cation of Carbolic Acid. — Dr. J. B. Garrison relates

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of the calibre could be seen, lined by shallow folds of

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by any other means whatever, and certainly as easily

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4. It mii-i p.>--f-- iiiL'li l\if tf I iiid.il pii.pfiiif-.

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all in his power to prevent their taking the proposed

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cation problems between physicians and several were

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a fluid containing fungi which exhibits as yet no signs of decomposi-

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a little boy in his fifth year, in whom the practices

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the diseases of childbed, appearing only upon or in

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ence of muscles in the ovaries. Professor J. C. D.allon. in his well-

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pain from herpes zoster (before the eruption of the rash) or from pneu-

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when the disease has appeared, rest, milk diet, gentle laxatives, and oint-

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obtained most excellent results with it. It is calculated, however, to

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gical faculties, and this order cannot be inverted without the ha-

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slightly or not at all ; swallowing perfect, but the mode of deglutition

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struck upon the head, or over the hepatic region, sometimes it is observed

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When writing Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine

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important questions. • ist. Was the gangrene arrested by the

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though slowly, proceeding towards recovery. There wa-s some

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attached to some pelvic organ. It may vary from one to nine

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the-nervous system ; and is sometimes consecutive on inflam-

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von Professor D. H. v. Ziemssen, vierzehnter Vortrag, Verlag

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mon to these substances, of instability of molecular

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Even as regards the pathological changes we are shown by

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