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cost. Fig. 16 shows it as adapted to a student microscope in con-
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lent mercurial preparation, sadly mistreated— one of the plainest indi-
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Tj^ued fevers. These are all classed under the generic name
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4. — Painful paralysis of young children is charac-
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force from the internal abdominal ring and pushed upwards-
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but their frequency and their control depend uiDon per-
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du ciEur dans la fiivre typhoide. Gaz. mid. de I'Algirie,
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antidote to the malignant poison of the di>ease,
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aneurism should have remained twenty days without its ex-
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of the symptoms of the disease that lead to contraction and closure
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a vasomotor remedy which is indicated to correct defective dis-
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that time it should not. Here, then, is the answer to our question :
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six months or a year. Resting upon the assurance of the
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common as regards the arterial than the venous valves.
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cluding a double berth in sleeping car for each person, and meals in
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tural history of sypliilis, — a sul)ject whicli has employed the
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tion and rupture of the bowel, convinces me that any-
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1. Test solubility of quinine and quinine sulphate (alkaloidal
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doubtful whether this bo due to the yellow hue of the transparent
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anil the tlist'ase may K* ciMnniunictittHl by such thn>ats in the act of kissing
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a Council, whose duties were to guard the rights of the
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constructed a magnificent building called the Legate's
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salt solution may be injected into the cavity as a substitute for the effusion and
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fatally — Waxy Kidneys, Spleen, and Liver, with Extensive Deposition
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described by Purkinje) ; he discovered the striated condi-
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Pneumonokoniosis, anthracosis, siderosis, chalicosis,
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fingers, toes, wrists, penis and axillae. This should be continued for at least
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psoas abscess. This variety can hardly be said to have a
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which time the patient is allowed to resume an ordinary
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of education, and it should forge still closer the link between
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fore-arm on the arm ; I then cleared the soft parts from the
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hemisphere of the cerebellum. With tbe deeper seated
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for a brief period of time. Better than either of these
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they are as dull and idiotic as they look, superior meatuses, to a less degree in the
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because it is schoolboyish, and because it deceives nobody.
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0' Brian's cases recovered. The late Dr. Baine used the remedy in three cases, two of
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material. In degeneration, however, the structure of the part is
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shape, consistency, and location of the object must be
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failures to even aiford temj)orary relief seems to demonstrate
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units required to service and operate the facilities to be provided
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the operation, says Bartels, was a brilliant success as far as the uraemic
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by dental irritation, or by febrile disorders; it may
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alidominal cavity in rabbits withered, and that the .mimals re-
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vibrator is then applied to the skin surface over a bony point
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Septic Processes. — The opportunity has offered for the
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tions; as, for instance, hyperpyrexia, ha;moptysis, in-
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and at the same moment a loud gurgling sound was heard in the regioQ .

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