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component parts, in the depth of the mucous membrane, and

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degree burns and burns with complications that have

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ship of Dr. Helen MacMurchy. We read with a certain amount

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The American Practitioner and News is proud to know that it is, has

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time, of sweet cider boiled to a syrup, which will keep a year in a cool cellar.

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Your Chairman can not close this report without ex-

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Dr. Lorain was physician to La Pitie Hospital, and was highly

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few drops of chloroform, as he is at the ether inhaler.

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type of movement. Progression was in a slightly zig-zag

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Dehio discusses the various forms of mechanical treatment, and describes

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Fractures at the base of the skull should be considered in

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the good properties of the Arabian or of the "best" kind from

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Dr. Roome — This report has been presented, and referred to a committee ; and the

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doetion of small quantities of septic organisms into the blood is followed by

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after cutaneous lesions are explained by direct transfer

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but in the history of educational institutions it would be hard to

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became fully convinced that it had originated from acrid secre-

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foundation of the white thrombus is not leucocytes,

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which does not exceed sw^h part of an inch ; but concludes,

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caseous. There is marked intestinal tuberculosis, and

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which accumulates on its inner surface. An apparatus like the one de-

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combination of these two classes of pathological lesions that we

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gave, the first day, an emetic of ipecac, and an opiate

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lymphoma Task Force. He also collaborated with the NIAID in a study of

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4. Duke M, Donovan TJ: Hemophilus influenzae pericarditis with

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full pulsation is in only one direction. There is no

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obtained an organism in pure culture by puncturing the parotid gland,

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