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only oue direct cerebral symptom present, and that was dilatation of

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2. Exhibit of Cases of Acromegaly. Dr. Oliver T. Osborne.

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expose the patient to the risk of the toxic effects of the

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emigrants, among whom cholera had broken out. The Belrelia

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affect the fi'iii/iciifi'f 01- i'ni.<tnl region. Lesions of the tegmental region

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appeared when the bowels were freely evacuated after a dose of castor oil,

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violent vomiting, and sometimes with hsematemesis, 2. Ooui in lA«

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and more back. Among the remaining nineteen cases there were again six, in

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the present volume the Medical Registrar gives a synopsis of the

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eruption had begun to improve at once under the arsenic; and

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which was adherent in front. It was tapped ; in the cavity

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1. — S^e Philadelphia Medical Journal, August 12.

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more state societies for the conunon good of all, the

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are matters of enormous importance to the human race, and it

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Page ^7^paragraph 1926. (As changed by C 1, 22 Sep 61) Insert the

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Liec. viestnik, u Zagrebu, 1(-9H, xx, 12-14, 1 pi.— McKey-

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Tumours in Keating's Cyclopcedia and in Dercum's Diseases of the Nervous System and

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excellent nerve sedative, which produces no ations, and Hilbert one case in 100 examin-

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much of the nature of the febrile miasm or the virus of syphilis

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morbid impulses of Nature, with what poor success in

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they have been extended to most of the literary and

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system in the prepubertal period, the period of devel-

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there are at present forty-five students. The requirements for admis-

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eyes. Optic. J., N. Y., 1897-8, iii, 74-76.— Mitchell (S.)

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immediately gets a bladder containing a quantity of pounded ice,

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neuralgic pains. It is apt to ulcerate, when the sore will present

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But whatever precautionary measures foreign govern-

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Schouboe. Weihe, Bjering, Briiniche, Estlander, Holm,

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du pied. A,ssoc. frnn^. de cbir. Proc.-verb. [etc J. Par.,

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law of ]K'rioclieit3*. Like other neuralgic affections, its duration U toi

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