Care Of Amaryllis Plant After Flowering. Amaryllis care after bloom

cine in 1931 and served his internship at St. Joseph’s Hos-

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before this Society. I move its reference to the Committee on

amaryllis flower images

vania; Physician-in-chief to the State Dispensary for Tuberculosis, Phila-

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was able to dispense with his tracheotomy tube at the end of a week. The

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4. When uterine hemorrhage exists in connection with an intra-

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*The Treatment of Certain Diseases of Protozoal Origin by Tartar Emetic, Alone

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quently, in three hours, the man is in better health than he had enjoyed

amaryllis plant drooping

of English formulas, submitted for the purpose of showing that

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after its appearance, and is not observed again for a

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part of the practitioner, but who, unfortunately for his patient, has

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I now use these stimulants simultaneously with nitroglycerine. The

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its relations to general surgery, in the great hospitals of London

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of the science with regard to cholesterine. Still, though our actual know-

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1,000 of the effective. This was a very considerable increase on

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to be expected that the plague would make great inroads. It

care of amaryllis plant after flowering

uated a class of seventy May 1. Rev. W. A. Fletcher made the

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hyperasmia and exaggerated tension. When the right heart is dilated,

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After a few weeks, massage and electricity are appropriate to over-

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bile increases in the summer, and the atrabile or black bile in

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Secondly, minute thrush j-looking points, sometimes in clusters,

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blood-supply, but also with thorough drainage. Fecal

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suddenly down, and was found insensible on the floor. She

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Theodoric, says Neuburger, was a most uncompromising

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tion. The Commission recommends that the Society’s

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underclothing should be regularly dusted with one of the above

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cautions are taken to insure careful examination under exactly the right

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and the situation of the haemorrhage. If the vessel is small,

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Resolvedy That this Society expresses an opinion fa-

amaryllis care after bloom

morning and afternoon. I find I read forty-five minutes now

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slight to account for the diseased appearance ; and the disease itself, altliougn

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