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coincidence, to say the least, between fungous arthritis, scrofulosis,
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Kossel: "Ueber die Behandlung der Diphtheric des Menschen mit Diphtherieheil-
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rest and at lower levels of heart rate and blood pressure. This
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of this remedy, and the well-known obstinate character of these affections renders it a
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iodides of questionable value. Theobromin in the shape of diuretin
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as dependent on its oxygen, it might be suspected to
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and generally disappear in about twelve to twenty days from the commence-
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which the body has been found may be able to throw light upon the
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center. Two days later signs of cerebral involvement were present. There
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IjOth cases were in the northern j)ortiou of the city,
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Purulent secretion from the vagina for several weeks, from unknown
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fife insurance or in some other routine way. A distin-
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practice which we have thus briefly, and but too feebly, advocated? Look over
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through his success that this form of treatment has been developed.
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Dumfries, also recently deceased, has bequeathed to the Royal
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latter of which number, is a degree of heat considerably above that
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found in a subsequent paper. We have seen the sino-auricular node
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haustion and cold during the removal of pressure, and,
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likeness in some of its features to the preceding, though occur-
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pleura, lung, liver, and spleen ; usually, however, in carni-
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the effort is made to close it against resistance. Consider-
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the cervix, the lower part, yielding first, is thus rolled
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therefore, wdien a patient's general temperature is normal,
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considered a key factor in obtaining the best plan, since it has to take sophisticated
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Points in tbe etiology and clinical history of erysipelas.
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is applied to the internal capsule, muscular contrac-
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Consequently, in cases of chronic otorrhcea with a profuse pmulent
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and Gazette of December 30th), to shew that my case
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It seems, however, to be established that the peculiar reaction in
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poral pain, which is worse in the morning and more or less
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themselves for this Primary Examination failed to acquit
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and on the lower part of the thighs. During and after the conclusion of con-
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methods had been disappointing. It has proved its abil-
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In nearly four inches of its course the axillary vein felt
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Sounds. — Dr. Broadbent {Practitioner, Jan. 1883)
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are sure it only needs that the attention of the pro-
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formed by the ramus of the jaw. One small projection of the tu-
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ing silkworm-gut sutures removed. The intestine at once pro-
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The body was that of a well-nourished Chinese male about 35

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