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proaches the centre. The mucous membrane gradually extends over

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Among the local symptoms of tumors of the brain, those of partial

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spinal meningitis, etc. In all, there were 4 deaths in the 24 cases. The

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(Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co., 50, Beak Street, W.)

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kept cool and fresh, at a temperature not above 60° F. The

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tissue, but there is extensive destruction from inflammatory softening,

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bladder, and that its presence causes symptoms similar to those of

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distance of their origin from the centre of the nerve. The most fre-

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in a position to invade the underlying subcutaneous tissue or

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diately taken from their quarters to the military hospital, which was

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communication dealing with the first two recorded instances

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employed on the same day, and incubated with different

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for vaginal examinations in labour, it is to be hoped that

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of the eosinophiles in the later stages of phthisis, etc., and

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and swollen (August 1907), and small patches of lupus can

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emphysema may be sometimes traced quite clearly to an

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disease. More frequently on autopsy we find the thrombus already

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the presentation be vertex, brow, or face. Again, the amount

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during variola, are the troubles from the affections of the mucous mem-

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year for the disease to arrive at this pitch of progress. Meantime

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oozing is stopped. A stitch at the top and one at the bottom

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acts indispensable to life, especially respiration, are performed, retain

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It may be asked, what are the relative advantages of these

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which was strictly enforced on the inhabitants. But it has not been

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cases in which a calculus is present, operative treatment is

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a long while before they are closed by thromboses. Hence the symp-

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palsies, may be excluded from the diagnosis. Lead-poisoning always

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erable size, and may be four or five inches long, two or three broad,

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pathetic vomiting, a peculiar dizziness, diminution of sensibility and

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mon, and as it is generally begun under the physician's recommen-

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which a generation has been "skipped," the grandchildren having

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is protected from draughts by a screen. The old custom of leaving a

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(b) Conditions which obtain where the Tissue Spaces in the

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