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first seen I-ebruary 8, 1899. She had'been well until
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numbers are rapidly growing less, and unless strenuous efforts
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dwelt on by Pym, Fellows, Blane, Hosack, and Monette. Others, with
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Education. — Education directed toward the defective is a failure,
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have my senior assistant amputate one limb while I was
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of trauma in an adult, and this trauma followed by pains
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due to the evacuant and exhausting treatment. It may also be inquired
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5ms forged was in ill-health, and had given the assistant an authority to sign
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the sac into the lung, the bronchus, or the trachea.
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produces bodies which, until the present time, chemists have regarded
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from warm water. Too much heat should be avoided: don't
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Rydygier. It is alleged for Rydygier's method that the
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GiRARD, Major Joseph B., surgeon, is relieved from duty at Jeffer-
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fluence of this remedy. From these conjoined opinions, the belief in
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tubercle, which after said deposition will, unless expelled, act as a
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in this position it could drain the bladder into tlie am-
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The degenerative process results in a sclerosis or hardening of the
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chloride) dipped into the water with which the gelatin solution was
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for I must conclude with what I stated, that this paper can only be
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her former condition. A few weeks later another convulsion occurred.
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Despite these controversies, the National Cholesterol Ed-
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Diabetes, or excessive secretion of urine may result from various'
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have appropriated eighty thousand dollars for two new
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small volume and force of the respired current of air ;
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permanently cured patients. These are in the enjoy-
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gynecological surgeons were asked how many cases of insan-
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stout man, and the swollen head and bulging eyes hardly looked as if
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we see the rather pitiful spectacle of a man of original ability desir-
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Dr. W. H. Carmalt (New Haven) : I move, Mr. President,
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pressing upon him from every side and crushing him to the earth, the measure
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devote as much to the improvement of IMarischal College.
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