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my previous experience but that it proceeded from an enlargement by disten-

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The form which Hanna met with in the blood of pigeons, in

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Wounds " is particularly disappointing in view of the

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we should be, at the least, satisfied that it did not follow

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physician who wrote that review now believes in the specific

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Bodinoton. --On December 11, at Sutton Coldfield, the

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iv,188-194.— SchalTeiMO.) ZurPathologiedesFoeliis. K.

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tion of his brain until the afternoon of Sunday, August 31st, when he

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OperatioTis at St. George's, 1 p.m. ; Central London Ophthalmic, 1 p.m. ;

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also the lips, which may be cracked and bleed. With the giving of large

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the dressing, and thus preventing very great discomfort. To the chest

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The patient was a girl aged 25. There was no hereditary history, and no

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which are known to enter into its composition, or that these do not

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The serum in leprosy contains fixation bodies that can be recog-

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modern conception of medicine, therefore, is the art of

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this instance the impetus which the blood possesses in the umbihcal

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Holsendorf leave of absence for thirty days from September 1, 1904, amended so that said

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Wednesday, uy Joh^v Coatks, Jr. No, bu South Street.

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m the 8th July, about two months after taking the alkali. On inspection,

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of fecal matter in the cecum, etc., give rise to symptoms similar to

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but those of humanity at large.- Although their opportunities

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The pulmonic second sound is markedly accentuated. The upper

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infection, to which are added those of focal disease of the brain. As the abscess

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cial fund-raising events and crusade activities in-

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clinicians. In my opinion it has many advantages, although I still depend upon

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tion, erythema, excessive growth of hair, etc. The urine is negative.

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