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a sea captain gave him some quinine. Shortly after this

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patient becomes accustomed to it the more difficult

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the disturbed equilibrium of human functions by in-

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down into the left iliac region and united by three

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pulse, 108; respiration, 30 and never went any higher. A

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the relatic>iiship of scientific research to Christian

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American Red Cross. With Forty-nine Illustrations. Phil-

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active in their treatment of this serious and at all

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mitted by anybody, furnishes the materials of one of

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characteristic symptoms were present. Uranalysis showed

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work which is being carried on by separate organizations

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ward around the ala of the nose, and through the middle

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to an annual deatli rate in a thousand of population of

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tire pelvic contents. The elasticity and tone of the

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12. The Importance of Disturbances of the Assimilation of

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5. The Diagnosis and Home Treatrnent of Scarlet Fever,

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mumps, 7 cases, o deaths ; infantile paralysis, 5 cases, i

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touch any standing corne m the field, it wil wither and

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initial injection by a second and perhaps a third, at

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respond at all to the radium, but in those that did

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physical examination which it is desired to present

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of the fifty per cent, mixture of glycerin in physiological

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getic efforts of the department since October of last year

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eighty-second annual session on October 3d. The college

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which they ought the rather to endeavour because the

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Professor Frederick Augustus Genth, Jr., aged fifty-five

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the blood sugar rises above normal, the excess is excreted by the kid-

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Circulatory system : The examination of the pericardium

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of these diseases which in war-time have rendered thousands of

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more frequently than othervv'ise, at the menstrual period.

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tella, ulcer over the bridge of the nose, scars on the thighs,

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No abnormal dulness indicating enlargement of medias-

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Boston bull is notorious ; the uncontrollable, brain .

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is described for a normal human being, and it would

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