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ing, it was expelled blade forward, after a dose of castor oil,
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with fimbriated epithelium, may account for the fact that the inside
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and in its " Miscellany " there appears without comment
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fibromata is six, while that for fibro-myomata of the uterus is only one per cent.
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and a half. A small opening was next made in the fascia lata of
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in the absence of marked pathological changes in the intestinal wall.
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surfaces it is plain that there exist at least two serious
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tion, viz.: malarial hemoglobinuria, or blackwater fever. I would
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1966. Duncan, Theodore G., 330 S. Ninth St. (19107)
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systems, whether originating in non-depurated substances in the
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crease the manufacture and make the United States more
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admitting only tlie Poor I^aw cases and the poorest of the class just above the
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the prevalence of what are styled bilious disorders; nor can I conceive
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clear, and with but little sediment. The solids are but little altered. It is
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of the plasmodial masses or giant cells they are much clearer, and
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of freer motion, but requires it to be more extensive than
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cases in which he had operated for convulsions, etc., following
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conditions that do not call for operative treatment ; yet, because of lack of that
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to check. Hot water was at last injected ; bleeding ceased'
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re-elected at the first meeting (March 8, 1819), held after its
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accuracy of the suture in layers and the absence of infection,
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authors ascribed the rapid decrease of the bloodpressure after an
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for syphilitic condylomata, and the diagnosis may only
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is not relieved by position as colic is, together with the distortion,
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