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Turro further states that by placing gonorrhoeal urine
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son thus rubbed, both in the steam and after coming out, would proba-
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eosin prevents perfect segmentation of the multiplying bacilli, with
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lines of hemorrhage. These changes, especially dilatation of blood-
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XV, 1122-1124. — Carslaw (J.) Case of erytbroinelalgia.
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hypnotism, and detailed a number of experiments made by himself. W. E.
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therapy in phrenosis, which was published almost si-
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and died there. Then a man, who lived on the first floor of the
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distinguished from enlargements, partial or general, which that organ may have.
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high-sounding conclusion which possesses as little meaning as
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and found her in the same condition ; temperature about 99 in
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use of woolen undershirts sufficiently long to cover the abdomen;
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lOo*^ J'ahr., the pulse being only 80, and at evening the temperature was
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765,121. Holder for Serums, Frederick K. Stearns, Detroit, Mich.
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cases this amounts to a persisting palpitation. The pulse varies from 100 to
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wrought the necessary change, leaving a gap requiring the production
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there is complete closure of the lachrymal duct on the left
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cation in their centre, which then consists of a brittle, mortar-
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ence was 685 in. The abdominal luuscles for a considerable extent had
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and as that was the concluding point regarding which you were
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almost impossible to prevent suppuration. Rest, with external and
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prises 37 treatment rooms, adequately arranged and lighted, and finely ap-
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within the last two or three months. Some time ago I reported to this
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was very materially affected through the absorption
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Living Anatomical Charts. — The British War Office
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tients prone to falling; the presence of a large amount of
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number of cases with the remedy which heads this article,
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England and Wales 1,0H4 females to every 1,000 males.
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The blind to see, the deaf to hear, were taught to us through this " sess."
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familiar with the subject, and but few who carry out this method of
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the 7th day, his countenance expressed great anxiety, and in addition
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and the deficiency of oxidation processes dependent thereon. In such per-
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the use at sea oi preserved ox^x\^Q. and lemon juice, which failed
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botulinus is also present in cultivated garden and field soils and their
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Horses liable to mud fever should not have the hair of
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