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it and which, as age advances, tends to grow greater.
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limited to the usual reference books, I find quite a
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Then, again, frequently he will let his ledger go unposted for weeks
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extensors of the wrists and fingers, shown by the in-
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committee to wait upon the Speaker of the Assembly and ob-
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which there is great fullness of the cerebral vessels; but in most of these
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much for a peep ahead to see what surgeons of fifty
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By carrying the weight of the head forward of the center of
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obviously necessitates having to remove an unnecessarily large portion
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1 Thus in the Men's Hospital of the American Church Mission at Wuchang
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The results of the experiments of the present writer differ from
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Bowel." In this connection he spoke of the treatment of epi-
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cavities of the heart, and it alfects especially the portion of this mombnu
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seem peculiarly adapted for the very commencement of the affection,
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hyperemesis gravidarum, and eclampsia, and he advised against the
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The income of that fund would not maintain an efficient
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the operation were: (1). The changes in the lids rendered it
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to hear all of the papers and I came down here not to talk, but to listen.
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Esquirol gives beautiful lectures on all the foibles
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could never forget that man, like the lower animals,
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[rom the bottom of the river. " Those men," he says, " drink from two
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acoustic word center, with visual center of the occipital lobe; the cailosal fibers,
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with several separate and distinct bearings, so that the pressure is
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The superficial form takes origin in the skin, and may
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syphilitic ulcer is the tubercular one. The diagnosis be-
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products cease to come over. The products in the ves-
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certain almost self-evident absurdities, as an extraordinary rapid
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out a direct apology from the president.. It is conceded on all hands
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much scope for the display of classical erudition. From the
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on April 18, 1903, when her general condition was decidedly worse. During
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men. Wchnschr., 1888, y, 433-435.— Klnin ( D. ) Mleri
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when they were at tlie Hc^aside, while others recommen<led the
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