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returning; pulse calm and of good volume. The first blister having healed.
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human urine. To a patient affected with pneumonia, twenty-four grains
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suffice. Also, it is well to make sure the condition is not
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pations — such as the whitesmith, the tinman, &lc„ in which small portions
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the prompt treatment of all cases of incipient diarrhoea. In
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the peculiar deep wine-red colour imparted to it by the action
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them. The idea that men are in possession of their liberty,
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with yellowish crusts and the scalp being bald inside the
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makes a digestible lunch and will not disturb sleep, but,
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drugged in every part with extreme bitterness and personality. It is, however, proper to
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found in tire adult after eight or ten years. In the thickness of the pleura
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pont, who doubted whether the tumour was fibro-cartilaginous, or a true bony
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" 6. What precautionary measures have been taken by the autho«
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was punctured and a tablespoonful of pus discharged; stimulants continued
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The treatment in these cases, during my attendance, consisted chiefly in
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which is principally involved. Thus, regarding the thyroid
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obaervanoe oi medical prescriptions, a little reading, and perhaps
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end of forty-eight hours the patient did not seem on the
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parts of the cyst, in which the testes were found. Lastly, near the sum-
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trict who have previously borne healthy children will, from the
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practical toxicology. One remark he makes is well worth quo^
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23f/. More delirium, and evidently much weaker; pulse very feeble and
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nience in this change;" in the propriety of which all must agree.
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a diet including meat three times a day. The substitutes
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together, as we might discuss the meaning of amaurosis and

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