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There may be chills followed by fever and a rise of temperature.
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experiments on the injection of bile salts into animals favor the supposition
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after some great and unwonted exertion, such as a spell of mountain
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a few drops of nitrite of amyl may be inhaled from a handkerchief.
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sutures, and they are so firmly dovetailed together or interlocked that
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instance of the regular professor, who named for the po-
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"Without proceeding further at present with the discussion of this
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local sweating are to be regarded from a very different standjjoint ;
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matism was sought. The bark of most willows contains a bitter x)rin-
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perhaps that the skilful use of medicinal remedies gives better prom-
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movements. There is no increase of cardiac dulness. This is the
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cessive work is not to be dreaded. This concerns again cases of
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standing. Various causes may give rise to such peculiarities of coloration,
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bloated appearance, with fatty masses presenting a flabby and doughy
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by the laxative action of mineral waters. The surj^lus taken in by
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tained by the use of digitalis, but this drug soon disorders the
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(3) In the third place alcohol recommends itself as a good nervine,
headaches while xalatan eye drops
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ture in the spine takes place. The tendency of the disease is chronic
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infancy. should classify the patient as arthritic or scrofulous.
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disease now under consideration. Not only do the preceding etio-
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will vary with the acuteness of the attack ; but in any case its com-
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one of the founders of the Pathological Society and of
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after the injection, or a slight tinting may be observed even after half an
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from coming in direct contact with the skin, the results of which

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