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volutions' of the orang go to sustain its claim to supremacy, they
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The Duke of Marlborough, in moving the second readin" of
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solution in three doses daily, taking it for twelve days, fever
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and the observations are, therefore, incomplete and unsatis-
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the blood shows nothing but normal elements — namely, red
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'' 2. After having proceeded by washing and filtration to separate the cor-
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(To be inserted in information admission forms or printed on a
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Dr. John S. Fulton, secretary of the State Board of
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spond to the position of the lower ribs. The connective-tissue capsule and the
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borus.) A case quoted by the same writer, in which a table-spooniul ol toe
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supplying the heart and its tributaries capable of indepen-
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the Heart, with Postmortem Verifications. George M. Con-
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the addition of the woi-ds — ' with iwwer to carry out
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The best plan to pursue is to take an apartment and live in restaurants,
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Lend., 1894, i, 1375.— Szepessi (S.) A katon.^k Uhbelije.
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Dr. Berlin has collected a number of cases which have come under the ob-
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bad nervous system, or when its nutritional powers are unequal to any
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the caecum. The fourth case, beginning probably as a
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the "parturient motites, nascitur ridiciiius 7nus."
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serum albumen, serum globulin, fibrine- forming elements, sugar,
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Vaughan, W. T.: A Study of Paroxysmal Tachycardia with'a Special Reference
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hoped that the necessity of qualification to maintain
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the full natural range of accommodation. Many persons can see
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literation from compression by tumors — the last belong-
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in many cases is hardly appreciably changed. In all cases the prognosis
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On the morrow. 30 c.c. of antitetanic serum were injected into
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tulous canal was opened, and a tube passed through. This was followed by
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a mistake in diagnosis had been made. The patient's
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studied the varying positions and aspects of the ureteral mouths under
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feeling well, one of the fields of vision had enormously improved, and
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sometimes participate. The same actions, both of the
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Aconite, If the prolapsus has occurred suddenly, and there is in con-
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On thinking over the question how this great potential energy
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The resemblance of the speech defect is superficial, and on careful
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detail under Cerebral Htemorrhage) forms the bulk of the lateral columns. It is by
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a sufficient height (say ten or twelve feet) from the

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