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who resided at Stoke Newington, then a rm-al district near

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volume and a complete index. The method apparently has

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had appeared before. The d resses were again discarded.

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the descendants of Lieutenant Thomas Tracy, in the male line, have

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effected by the sole compression of the mother's structures.

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teristic of hysteria, are of especial importance in the diagnosis. The pains

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through the school and as a result members of the faculty are con-

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knife is often mixed with some article of food or even with blood itself. We

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The House went into committee on the Contagious Diseases

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is to be said of the case of Dr Macmichael, cited by Sir Thomas Watson,

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A patient with Prinzmetal's angina experiencing episodes

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caloric method alone is not a safe guide in successful infant feeding, or,

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portions, one of which is discharged per vesicam et anuin, and

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The unequal distribution and the possible variation in staining of the

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slight ; in other cases there may be marked fulness. Fain or aching

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dinner, held at the Windsor Hotel, on the 8th December.

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patients in which there were 19 malignant diagnoses, a sensi-

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Jlur'j C'nioji.— Mr. William Nuttall has resigned the Heap District ; area

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of the transfusion of blood, and of many other supposed remedies

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men on the subject. Robert W. De Forrest, of the Charities

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ings of certain errors gives us warrant for a passing al-

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nation, forming laterally an external obtuse angle with the arm. The little

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of the erysipelatous skin in man, and from the experiments upon

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amusing book. The Water Sahies, and there, amongst other inter-

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sometimes dependent more or less on urethral stricture. According to Lalle-

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the disease known as yellow fever have been set forth. By bringing

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alcohol; but when tested carefully, this fails. The

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Diseased Teeth and Gums. 31.3 per cent showed at least

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Co-ejistcnrc of Mumps wilh Ijeucarrhcval Disrhar^r. — Mr. John Dunn

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the working man may have been at that time. To this may be added

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May 29th — Has had no chills since last visit; is gaining in strength

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