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deterioration of the mental faculties. Eclampsia is, in other
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button was passed on the eighteenth day. The operation
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take, only occasionally using a wrong word. Articulation,
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there need be no deviation from the normal at the start. Subse-
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In these after-epidemics also the schools, orphan-asylums, pensions,
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pour water into a pot, and make fire under the pot. I will enter first.
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With reference to the first condition, he had had a good
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to treat his servant he is not liable unless he expressly contracts
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of faucial diphtheria or of one of the exanthemata. Less frequently they
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seekers, but we hope it will not result in extermination, and also would
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tracted, and the axillary lymphatic glands are enlarged;
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Tuberculosis of the Genito-urinary Tract. With an insidious
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In accordance with these views, bloodletting is never indicated by the
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and two other cases of the same kind that I performed gastro-
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of the scanty anastomosis of the internal and external ves-
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regeneration of the nerve does occur, the muscles commonly display a
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might warrant the fear of an uncontrollable gastric irri-
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to manipulate this metal, or exposed to the risk of its
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jects (qualitative perception). Its cornea was hazy,
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surgical accidents, a fracture of the leg and a splinter of steel in the
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results. Serum therapy is spoken well of by some. In cases
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By-Laws, he would formally declare Drs. W, E. Conway, C. L. McCann and C. H,
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was suffering intensely and clamoring for relief from any
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recent demonstrations. In fact, .\merica herself has
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in determining for or against its use, than any other
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Whilst admitting that such may be the condition of the water of
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was supposed to be liable, but that view did not com-
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without the assistance of the microscopa All the tissues were tinged
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ed with dust or mud, that " dirt must be healthy." And when

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