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Whereas, The State Medical Society of Michigan views Avith gratification the

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citement, such as worriment, anxiety, disappointment and

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had no return of convulsion from the time I gave her

also to sustain the vital forces, to control the nervous symptoms, and lessen

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The cases of the subacute type fire by far the most numerous. From

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cian, one a painter (by eaah of whom poison could easily

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Birdsong, Julius Lee, B.S., Nashville, '99^,,. Johns Hopkins, '09 Hartford.

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of meal for sixty-one days. The meal and mangels were mixed the day

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is not relieved by position as colic is, together with the distortion,

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only of fibrillar}- twitchings; the normal and regular impulses

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was a successful method, but Fox said there was a tendency to

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which his less fortunate brethren can not have. It may be

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reduced 39. Thus nearly two-thirds of the original difference has been

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moderate quantities of levulose, lactose, mannite, etc., and can be

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with feculent material. Shiga calls such cases entero-dysentery.

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that we venture to forecast that the volumes of the

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J. T. Eskridge, M.D., Denver, Col. From Col. Med. Jour., March, 189S.

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either broiichial, or broncho-vesicular, or cavernous, and, not infrequently,

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or not, directing special attention to each of the abdo-

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given by mouth, it might also have shown therapeutic

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fore, daring the period of convalescence, and even after apparently

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in the abdomen, continuous witii the liver, and four inches to

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his travelling companion able to give any history of a

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tic. Everybody has experienced the instability of up-

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gosier, la face lui devint si epouvantable et difforme, poue l'enflure et noirceur

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character, as in yarrow, rosemary, and carot. In many

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in interstitial nephritis. One of three explanations is possible: (1) The

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fever subject. Similarly eating horse or rabbit produces much the same

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